Theta Nu Xi

Rio Grande GAP Colony

To promote leadership, multiculturalism and self-improvement through academic excellence, involvement in and service to the campus and community, as well as being living examples of sisterhood across different races, cultures, religions, backgrounds and lifestyles.

  • Scholarship

  • Service

  • Leadership

  • Sisterhood

  • Multiculturalism


Carolina Blue



Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Sterling Silver Rose

1. Provide a bridge between Undergraduate chapter (Psi) and Alumni who are inactive in NM or not a part of Rio Grande Colony through communication, meetings and outreach events.

2. Create a solid foundation for the GAP colony/Chapter through sisterhood, community service and diversity hours and upholding all national and regional policies, laws and regulations.

3. The Rio Grande Colony will have a Regional and National presence as well as bring back all information from regional and national gatherings to all sisters in New Mexico.

“Sisters of Diversity Together as ONE”


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